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Spot Your Lucky Person

In this section we are giving you a very special information which can be used to match your signature with the signature of your friend/partner/client etc. to know whether you will benefit from their friendship,parternship or business. You can escape many problems/tensions/losses if you know all this in advance. This can be compared to Blood Groups in human beings. As blood of only matching groups is suitable to persons of a specific group, in the same way people with specific types of signature are suited to specific people only.

Click on the images to which your signature matches and spot your lucky person:

Roundish signatures

Straight Signature
Pointed Signature
Big signature
Very small signature
Downward signature
Broken signature
Unreadble signature
Over lapped signature
Artistic signature
Two doted signatures
One doted signature
Single underlined signature
More than one underlined signature
 Signature in their mother language (Hindi, marathi, arbi, chines .)