Name: XYZ  
Sex: Male
Age : 22yrs
Date : 10/10/1999

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There is Mohini Yoga in 18 in your signature.You are honest, sincere and imaginative simple straightforward, introvert, ambitious. Your childhood suffers from various problems like health, setbacks in education. Success comes to you after initial hurdles. It is slow but steady. Your father may not be very rich. You loose a younger kin at an early age. You will also benefit from your father's wealth.
Stage 1

Your fate rises at the age of 24 and is in full bloom. By the age of 26 you will be married & have children and still in life. Between 18 to 23 yrs you face health and educational problems. You switch job/profession twice in your life. You should stay away from liquor, speeding vehicles and be ware of friends as a close friend could deceive you. At the age of 27 some health or family problem could make your life restless. You will have 2 children with one miscarriage or some such problem. The period from 28 to 32 yrs is good. You will have your own house and vehicles. Change in job or profession will bring you success. You will earn money through technical work / consultancy / commission agency. You will believe in your own hard work and not expect anything from anybody. You are warned to stay away from Gambling /  Lottery / Speculation and speeding vehicles and keep your temper in check Main problem areas in health are eyes, bones, liver and stomach. First chance/marriage proposal will not materialize. You could go for love marriage and your wife will bring you good luck. Life will improve considerably two years after marriage. Your life between 33 to 34 years of age will be inflicted with tension and worries. Do not take any risk but good news after this.

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Stage 2

Period between 35 to 51 years will be your GOLDEN PERIOD. You will benefit from partnerships and legal matters. You will earn lots of money, travel around the globe. You are religious and lead a life better than your father and may have differences of opinion with him.

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Stage 3

Life between 52 to 56 years will bring you expenses marriage of your children and hectic activity. Period between 57 to 73 years is again good and from more than one source. Job/Business related to Metals/Textiles/Estate will no be profitable. Do not give or take loans. You will earn and spend lavishly. Pay heed to warnings given earlier i.e. speeding vehicles and liquor.

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During youth you will have to work hard for success and your old age will be full of peace\ and your old age will be full of peace and contentment. The 12th, 42nd and 73rd years of your life will see problems. Your full life is 79yrs 4 months 11 days. The end will come away from your birthplace.

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Your horoscope suffers from a weak SUN, which mars your chances of success. Always carry a surya yantra on person. Alternatively wear a 5-carat ruby in a Gold Ring on Monday or Friday. You lucky numbers are 2,4,7 and 9. Your lucky days are Monday, Friday and Sunday. Your lucky colors are white, black, blue and green. Persons with initials R, S and M are good for you.

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Present position

1998-2000 Problems, hard work with little success. March 2001 to 2003 tings will improve and success rate will rise. Lucky years ahead are 20 01, 2003, 2006 and 2011.

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