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Your Signature: Determines your future

Whenever you put your signature anywhever, it shows not only your identity but also decide your future. Do you want to know your future? Click the type of signature given below, which you think is yours:
First alphabet big or stretched or roundish.
Name in full, but do not lift their pen.
Initials, write their name straight, in one or more parts which are curved & in a decorative manner.
Few alphabets, first name, play with their signatures & represent the rest by a straight line or curve.
Small & branches or has a branch coming out
All the alphabets of the signature
A straight line after he signs.
A line on the last alphabet of their signatures
Downward direction.
Two lines under the signature.
One line & a dot.
A line below the signature & make a spot of alphabet.
Round like structure below their signature / A dot / Bring down the last alphabet & cut.
Two dots.