Over the years, you have benefited from my Signature Astrology and Vasstu specialized consulting service. To Impove upon my client's day to day experience while accessing my consulting service and to address my privileged client's different consulting services and to address my privileged client's different consulting needs, I am launching "SILVER", "GOLD" and "PLATINUM" membership services for their benefit which will help me provide varying levels of services according to my client's membership category. I would like to promote my client network by adding your Friends and Family members to subscribe to this limited membership scheme and get benefited with my various consulting services. For and initial period, I am launching a "Referral" program, where by on referring few of you close social network contactss to subscribe to this membership, the referring member would be rewarded. I am sharing my profile & services pamphlet to explain to your near and dear ones about the advantages of this membership. The terms & conditions regarding its usage are enumerated below in respect of each category of card.



(Special Benefit)
The registered holder is entitled to unlimited online/through mail/phone consultations for himself Only.
7500 INR For Indian Members, 10000 INR For Abroad Members.

GOLD CARD (Special Benefit)
The Gift Card entitles free unlimited online/through mail/phone consultations on signature astrology for any two persons of your choice.
14000 INR For Indian Members, 18000 INR For Abroad Members.

PLATINUM CARD (Special Benefit)
The Gift Card entitles free on line/through mail/phone un-limited signature astrology consultation to any four persons of your family.
24000 INR For Indian Members, 30000 INR For Abroad Members.

Payment Details:
Please use below bank details for making payments (Cash Deposit / Transfer / Cheque

1) The Gift Card is to be registered on the website or by email or Post/telephone before first use.
2) The registered users to make signature consultation via internet, email and / or by Post / Phone only. (Conditions apply for personal consultation).
3) The Registered users are entitled to unlimited constultations for a period of 10 years.
4) The Gift card validity is for 10 years form the date of registration.
5) All the card holders will be given 50% discount for online/through mail "VASTU CONSULTANCY' For detailed Terms and Conditions Please refer to the websites