Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, Home Energy

Primarily it is important to know what is Vastu Shastra as well as its usefulness and what are the confusions arising out of it.

A person should give his staying place the right direction, the right place for the items in the house, place to sleep, place for studies, business as well as dining room.
If a person faces problems viz., no peace of mind, family troubles, education of the child, loss in business, no co-operation between family members, health problems or he doesn’t benefit completely from the place where he stays, then the owner of the house must definitely have a look at the place he stays
By this I mean, the environment of the house must be looked at, i.e. whether the things of the house are not kept in the right place due to which there is a block on the energy as well as it may have to bear obstacles.
So you may have to make variations in the place of your stay, i.e. your bedroom, hall, dining hall etc.

By this change in the placement of things in your house and their directions.

It is very important to know what is the business of the man, how many children he has, how many people are staying, who is the owner (earning member) of the house, where the owner sleeps, in which place he does his business, the study room of children, place of worship and finally the place of nature’s call. If a person looks at all the above mentioned points and places things accordingly he/she lives happily and receives all pleasures of vastu, at this point I would like to mention that vastu shastra is known from the ancient period.

The curse of vastu is not applicable to all. From my research and practice of more than seven (7) years I have found out that the curse of vastu doesn’t affect certain profession as well as the members of the family.