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When does the curse of Vastu affect less.
People who earn from gambling, commission, brokerage as well as from giving advice i.e. advocate, police, doctor and from the use of instruments and weapons are not affected upto 80%.
Those who have their first child, a boy itís known that the curse of vastu affects them less.
If a man gets property from his wifeís family in the form of a gift or if a home is given on rent for more than 15 years the effect of vastu is less.
The hereditary land is also considered to be unaffected from the vastu.
If the earning members of family are at least 60%, then the curse of vastu is said to be unaffected.
If the flat is at a level more than 9 floors the curse of vastu is said to effect less because the considered as 9 and for this reason they have less effect of the curse of vastu.
The curse of vastu doesnít affect if one has a view of water, lake or worship place from the bedroom.
If the flat or apartment is situated at a level higher than the street the curse of vastu is said to affect less.
If you stay in a house where there are 3 little children and keep crying, that house is said to have lesser effect of the curse of vastu.
By looking at all these points if you have your flat, there are less chances of vastu curse affecting you.