Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, Home Energy

Simple Solutions:
One must put either a mirror at the main entry door or two coins of silver or copper.
One must keep the photograph of birds flying in a flock in one direction in the hall.
If the owner keeps a mirror in front of him in his bedroom or copper plate, then the curse of vastu is said to be less.
One must keep water in a place made of copper or silver daily in the kitchen near the place of cooking.
Keep a glass full of water in the bedroom as well as the childrenís room in the night and throw the water in the trees by the morning.
Remove circular doors and convert them to square.
Even the flooring and if canít do that embedded 5 coins of silver in the floor at the place where the floor is at a higher level.
Keep a jar filled with water or some heavy item in the corner of the house
Shall benefit if one does not keep a round structured table in the dining room for the purpose of eating.
By doing this, the home energy shall increase as well as it will decrement the curse of vastu, improve Fengshui and bring peace and happiness to home.