Signature Astrologist,
Vastu Shastra & Bhavishya Vakta,
M.A. Political Science, Ancient History,
Archaeology & Culture, Sociology,
Journalism Diploma, B.E.M.S., B.Ed.
Son of Sri Om Prakash Mishra.
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Predictions by signature, handwriting , food habits , footwear, use of ink , use of pen  , color of face & many other ways. 
Articles published , Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, Home Energy .
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Signature of Dr.Raj Deepak Mishra
     Lord Ganesha

         Dr. RAJ DEEPAK MISHRA is one of the most remarkable astrologers across the globe who is highly educated with M.A. IN Political Science, Ancient History, Archaeology & Culture, Sociology, Diploma in Journalism and has also done B.E.M.S and B.Ed. At the age of 42, Dr. MISHRA possesses an immense sense to predict your future by your signature, handwriting, food habits, footwear, use of ink, use of various types of Pens, complexion and facial features etc. The list is endless. Basically from Faizabad, U.P., He has shifted to Mumbai because he believes that this City dares to dream. He holds world record for writing ‘Sita-Ram’ for more than 10 million times and won gold medal for the same in Year 2001.

        Dr. MISHRA’s expertise in VASTU SHASTRA, COLOR THERAPY AND FORTUNE TELLING by numerous unconventional means makes him a unique personality in the field of Astrology. Completely self taught, he has to his credit another unique feat of analyzing more than Five Lakh signatures till date. His skills have been sharpening with time and experience, which have helped numerous "PEOPLE IN DISTRESS". His clientele includes many prominent personalities from Films, Politics and Sports. While maintaining complete confidentiality about the information available to him about his clients in his capacity as the Fortune teller, he has been a friend, philosopher and guide to many satisfied souls. To his credit numerous prediction made by him in the past were unbelievably accurate and he has been given wide coverage by print as well as telecasting media for his prediction work. Persistent demand from friends and well-wishers across the Globe compelled him to bring this Science on the Internet, making it available to one and all. His websites viz. www.signature2destiny.com, www.hellomishraji.com and www.only200.net: are very popular and one can simply log-in and get answers to all one's queries by following interactive suggestions. The package offered on these websites is more than value for money. He also runs a consultancy at his office where he charges a nominal fee which is one time charge for your life time. You can consult him any number of times when you have paid the fee once. His book ‘Hastakshar Bolte Hain’ is very popular which is a "Teach Yourself" type book whereby you can learn to read your as well as others’ signatures with very little knowledge, and the translated version of his book is available in Hindi as well as English language, would be available soon in Marathi language too.

        Dr. Raj Deepak Mishra offers different prediction services based on the membership category type Platinum, Gold and Silver, where by members can achieve success in life from his Vastu as well as Signature Astrology consultancy.

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